I am currently working on my dissertation in the workgroup of Prof. Walter Kaminsky, where I already did my diplomathesis. Hopefully I will be finished around August 2004.

Diploma thesis:
Synthesis of butadiene homopolymers and ethen-co-butadiene copolymers using constrained geometry catalysts.

PhD thesis:
Synthesis of co- and terpolymers consisting of a-olefins and dienes using metallocene/MAO-catalysts.

Tasks in the workgroup:
Support service of the practical training in chemistry for physicists, biologists and geologists.
Computer service.

Since 2000 I do also work as a self-employed IT-Consultant. The main focus is on database development in Microsoft visual FoxPro for a big german cosmetic company. Knowledge in Unix (AIX, IRIX, Linux) und network technology does also exist due to eigth years of administration of servers, clients, modeling workstations and network infrastructure at the Department of Chemistry, University of Hamburg.