Besides my most time consumig hobbys cinema and electronics there are also some minor interests of mine:


DH3BEN is my call, which I got a couple of years ago. My license alows me to work on short wave and all other legal bands. Although I still own my complete short wave and UKW gear, I haven't had the time to make a few QSOs (calls) for the last few years. Hopefully I can reactivate this hobby some times. Here are two links to my ham radio club: DARC, E38.


When I am about 70 kilometers away from Hamburg in the small village of Hamersen, the sky is clear and no moon is visible - which is a rare occasion - I enjoy to explore the sky with my two telescopes: Meade ETX-90 and Sky-Watcher PX8 Dobson.

Collecting DVDs

This is of course not a hobby, but some of my friends try to convince me of that. Fact is, that I have seen almost a quarter of my little collection.