curriculum vitae

Name Benjamin Hinrichs
Birthday 28th July 1974
Place of birth Hamburg - Germany
Nationality German
August 1980 - June 1984 Primary school - Jenfelder Strasse, Hamburg
August 1984 - June 1994 Secondary school - Matthias-Claudius-Gymnasium, Hamburg
October 1994 - June 2001 Study of chemistry, University of Hamburg
June 2001 Degree in chemistry
Since June 2001 Dissertation in technical and macromolecular chemistry
Workgroup of Prof. Walter Kaminsky
Since 2000 Working as self-employed IT-Consultant
Main focus on Databases (SQL, Visual FoxPro)
February 2005 Ph.D. in Chemistry (Dr. rer. nat.)
Since March 2005 Working at DKSH GmbH in Hamburg, Germany