Surfing the web I found it very comfortable having a page like this where all updates to the site are shown. If you are visiting this site on a regular basis, you might find it usefull too.

16th september 2004 - preamp: layouts are online
30th august 2004 - preamp: new software version v1.1 available. It features improved RC5-recognition and volume change speedup while button pressed.
30th april 2004 - preamp: information about the knobs
18th april 2004 - preamp: programmed and tested controller for the PreAmp for about 30 Euro incl. postage and packaging available
14th april 2004 - preamp: schematics, layouts and hex-file are online
23rd march 2004 - preamp: list of people who build a preamp
17th march 2004 - initial version