This is a limited private offer for those, who do not want to program the controller on their own.
You will receive a programmed, verified and in circuit tested controller PIC18F452 I/L suitable for the preamp. The controller will be sent to you in padded envelope containing the IC in a ESD-safe-box. All parts are of course new and unused.
The price is 30 Euros. This includes shipping within europe. For other countries of the world please ask.

Upon startup the display (2 rows, each 16 chars) shows for two seconds the words:
"PreAmp Ver. 1.00"
" Elektor 2004 "
If you want a custom startup message, I can include it for additional 5 Euros. Please send me the text in a detailed way including spaces (e.g. "xxxxRoryxG.xxxxx" with x=space)

If you are interested, please send me an eMail for my bank account information.


Other parts of the project can be ordered here:

As written in the article, the knobs are selfmade and composed of aluminium. The precision mechanic who made them offered to make some more for money. It takes him about one third of an hour to make one of them. The knobs have a height of 6mm, the inner hole has a diameter of 6mm and is about 4mm deep. The large knobs are 12mm in diameter, the small ones are 10mm. One knob is available for 6 Euros. Please take also a look at Geist Electronic as they also do offer these knobs. They may be cheaper there. Photos of the knobs are here, here and here.